Whether buying, selling or refinancing property, the prime objective of Supreme Title of Louisiana, Inc. is to close the real estate transaction as soon as possible at a reasonable cost. Expedient and accurate title examinations and professionally conducted closings not only benefit the consumer, but also the real estate agents, lenders, and loan officers by assisting them in obtaining optimum results for the time they spend on a particular transaction.

We at Supreme Title, also recognize that the quality and efficiency of our services can affect how the consumer perceives the performance of his/her agent, and/or loan officer. By making a commitment to our customers to provide fast, accurate and courteous service, we hope to make all real estate transactions a pleasant experience. We want to be your primary source for all of your title needs.

John Y. Kennedy, President
A full-service, Louisiana based, title company providing fast, efficient, and accurate title services to the Greater New Orleans area, the State of Louisiana and beyond.